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The SACHE Training Courses

Goals of the training courses: towards mutual understanding, mutual learning and the setting up of a creative community The main purpose of SACHE training is to set up the essential conditions for a broad and mutual understanding of both the dynamics and functioning of the three Project
. Cultural operators and Institutions;
. Creative practitioners and SME;
. Intermediaries agencies to promote high-tech SMEs and start-ups involvement;
. Public Institutions in charge to promote Culture.

In other words, the training will share vocabulary and knowledge which are necessary to increase and improve the possible interactions between the cultural and the business domains.
At the same time the training courses contribute to the creation in every PP area of a “collaborative atmosphere” generated by the encounter and a first interaction among local stakeholders. Participants of the training courses will form the SACHE creative community and they will be then involved in deeper forms of interaction and collaborative processes activated in the following phases of the Project. This aspect is represented in the framework below, which places the SACHE training courses within the whole SACHE process.

Download the SACHE Training Courses