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SACHE service portfolio

The SACHE service portfolio is a set of guidelines that will support the whole SACHE process going from the formulation of collaborative ideas to their sustainable management. It is therefore conceived as an instrument to support both SACHE community – namely, museums/cultural organizations; CCIs/SMEs; policymakers – and project partners in the whole “acceleration phase”.

The portfolio of services is the concrete output of the SACHE co-creation activities (transnational and local co-creation courses) which represent the starting point of the SACHE “incubation phase”. The co-creation events have been occasions to reflect and discuss with inputs from international and local experts on the main principles and methods to consider when a collaborative process is about to start.

The SACHE service portfolio is addressed to the following target groups:
. Cultural operators and Institutions;
. Creative practitioners and SME;
. Intermediaries agencies to promote high-tech SMEs and start-ups involvement;
. Public Institutions in charge to promote Culture.